What’s in a name?

not the greatest domain name in the world, I admit. But the thing is – I’ve ‘owned’ this name for as long as I can remember.

‘jakesimon(dot)com’ was taken as of this writing. Perhaps I will look into buying that, but you know how it goes…I use my domain buying site, Hover.com, it says the domain name is already taken. BUT do I want to make an offer? I say yes, it says ‘you need to offer a minimum of $199 for us to help you,’ I say ‘peace out.’

no biggie.

jakers19 is appropriate. it is my email, I used it for FB, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and any number of digital profiles that have or haven’t stood the test of time.

I’ve even had friends refer to me as “jakers 1 9” irl! I dig it