Podcast – Barefoot Running 002 – Running Form

A second installment as I gather my thoughts around being a barefoot runner. Previously, I provided my perspective on “does running barefoot hurt?“In this audio post I discuss a mindset about running that seemed like a revelation to me during a run. It revolves around a holistic look of the mechanics of running. With sports, it is easy to think about bearing down and running in a way that is more appropriate to propelling your body through a wall –  pushing your feet into the ground in order to have leverage. As I had found to enjoy running in a more leisurely way, I now view running being more like the act of ‘continuing to lift your feet off the ground,’ – more like walking in place for a few steps, then leaning your hips forward. Too much thinking about mechanics? Perhaps. But I think it seems pretty logical that, in the long run, there will be less were and tear on my knees, calves, ankles, and feet.

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